Indoor vs Outdoor activities? Or both?

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Indoor vs Outdoor activities? Or both?

Indoor vs Outdoor activities? Or both?


There are a lot of activities to enjoy around us, especially in summer. Activities are mainly divided into two types, which are indoor activities and outdoor activities. It is a fantastic time of the year to take advantage of the children being out of school and the benefits of indoor and outdoor play.

For outdoor activities, a child can take not only physical advantages but mental advantages. For example, children can develop their physical health from walking, running or swimming. Also, they can promote mental growth from interacting with other people or animals. The Farm Tour is the one activity that allows children to acquire skills of integration. Throughout the farm tour, they will have a chance to feed, pat, and interact with the different types of friendly New Zealand Farm animals. It is also educational as children can closely observe the animals and wild birds in their own surroundings.

Indoor activities are much safer and educational. In terms of indoor activities, it does not mean staying home and doing nothing much like playing video games and watching TV etc, it means proactive activities indoor. The 3D Trick Art Gallery is the best example of an indoor activity. A family can enjoy fun activities in a safe environment regardless of rain, hail or sunshine. Moreover, children can acquire skills through their creative activities. 3D Trick Art is the activity that the more creative the more laughter and fun you can have so that it gives children a chance to be challenged and be more creative.

So which one is a winner? Indoor or outdoor activities? Did you hesitate for more than 1 minute? Visit the Rotorua Heritage Farm and you may choose one or both during your summer holiday.

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