4 tips for celebrating Father’s Day in New Zealand

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4 tips for celebrating Father’s Day in New Zealand

4 tips for celebrating Father’s Day in New Zealand

When is Father’s day this year?

It is often asked when Father’s day is. Father’s Day in New Zealand and Australia is celebrated on the 1st Sunday in September. Father’s Day in New Zealand in 2017 will be on 3rd of September.

How do you celebrate Father’s Day?

This is one of the days giving a family a chance to meet together and a chance for sons and daughters to express their appreciation to their dads. It is common tradition to get fathers presents and have a nice family meal to put their feet up.

What makes most of Farther' day?

It is time to consider Dad’s favourite things and prepare a special gift. There are so many father’s day gift ideas in media and advertisement. However, it is not easy to choose what to buy for him as every dad has a different preference and need a special treat. You don’t want your thoughtful gift ends up with an unwanted gift. Not easy? There is always safe to bet for father’s day.

Tip1. Have a fun family day.

Unless your father is too lazy, no dad hate to go out and enjoy activities. Search family activities available out there and book for your family. Fun, laugh and smile of the family is the greatest gift to fathers.

Tip 2. Have a nice family meal out.

Find a restaurant rather than cook and eat at home. If you don’t usually cook but want to try to cook for father’s day, well, I don’t think it is a good idea. Search a restaurant out there and book a table for you family today before it gets too late.

Tip 3. Make the day unforgettable.

Take as many photos as possible to put your family’s happy moment from the activities on father’s day and share at the end of the day with a message. Don’t forget to express how much you appreciate and love your dad.

Tip 4. Rotorua Heritage Farm.

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