The Best 8 things to do in Rotorua, the land of stunning geothermal activity

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The Best 8 things to do in Rotorua, the land of stunning geothermal activity

The Best 8 things to do in Rotorua, the land of stunning geothermal activity

Many of you have been impressed by the Fitzgerald Glade that nature had made on the way down to Rotorua. It is like a tunnel created by trees on each side of the road. Fresh air release your tiredness while you are driving through the tunnel.

Soon after passing the Fitzgerald Glade, it is another exciting moment that you can find yourself get close to the geothermal area as you can smell distinctly like rotten eggs.

So, what makes most of your visit in Rotorua the major centre for tourism? It is not easy to make a quick decision on what to do as there are so many things to do. With the magnificent geothermal experience and the astonishing natural beauty of the landscape, Rotorua itself is a fantastic attraction.

Then, where we can experience geothermal most. Everyone has different preferences so that our following suggestion is just to help your decision making easier on where to go in Rotorua. A thermal Spa is the main characteristic in geothermal area. Apart from spas at Rotorua accommodations, we are here looking most representative public thermal attractions in Rotorua.
1) Polynesian Spa( Polynesian Spa is New Zealand's iconic spa, providing a unique thermal spa experience on the Lake Rotorua. This is one stop spot for Rotorua tourists. You can choose various price options. Lake Spa (deluxe) is highly recommended despites of its high price. It is definitely worth it. If the price effects your decision, Family Spa also is a great choice and even better than any other options if you have children. Private Pools is also recommended for those who would like to have a silent and private time with fantastic views of lake Rotorua

2) Hellsgate( If you are interested in treating yourself to a revitalising body therapy, visit Hells Gate. The geothermal mud bath and spa are very popular but you only can enjoy it in limited time. Hells Gate Geothermal Reserve Park features a walkway lined with unique geothermal wonders and interactive opportunities.

3) Kerosene Creek( Kerosene Creek is where you can enjoy a thermal spa in nature. It is free natural spring spa on the way heading south from Rotorua on the road to Taupo (about 30km). The only thing you possibly don’t like is there is no infrastructure like a shop, changing room and rocker etc.

4) Kuirau Park If your schedule is full and busy and doesn't want to waste time from transitioning, Kuirau Park is the choice. Kuirau Park is located in the heart of Rotorua that you can walk and enjoy for geothermal features in the city. A spa is not available but there is the free Kuirau Prak Footbaths that you can soak your feet in.
5) Tepuia( If the geothermal nature like geyser attracts you rather then thermal spa, TE PUIA is featuring best the active thermal nature in Rotorua. Papakura geyser is very popular as it used to erupt very consistently, up to heights of three metres (about 9 feets). To satisfy your cultural interest, you can experience Maori Culture and enjoy Maori Performance with extra cost.

6) Whakarewarewa(The Maori village) ( Visit Whakarewarewa(The Maori village), the living geothermal Maori Village. Here you can explore how Maori use geothermal vents that provide a life-giving energy resource. The admission includes Maori Performance too.

7) Waiotapu( If you want a more colourful geothermal output, we recommend visiting Waiotapu, a little away from Rotorua. Waiotapu is where you can see the fantastic beauty created by volcanic activity. The colourful ponds are spectacular and most famous sceneries. A representative geothermal photograph of Rotorua tourism is a lake called “the painter's palette” here in Waiotapu. In particular, the 'Lady Knox Geyser' is an artificially spurting once a day, so you must check the time not to miss it.
8) 3D Trick Art Gallery ( Enjoying all those fantastic geothermal sceneries above are highly affected by it weather condition in Rotorua. If it is the case of you expecting bad weather for your Rotorua Tour, the 3D Trick art Gallery is one of the alternatives. Our exhibition includes volcanic wonders, geothermal works, and geysers. It is the place that the nature of New Zealand is made in the form of 3D Trick Art. Even if it is not a real geothermal zone, it would be a good place to visit if you are looking for a unique experience.

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