Best winter activities in Rotorua

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Best winter activities in Rotorua

Best winter activities in Rotorua

Winter travel has a bit of a different taste from other seasons. Cold and rainy weather can mess up the schedule. However, even though there may be some troubles with winter travel, it can lead you to some special experiences. That is because there are many special winter activities in Rotorua. Are you planning to visit Rotorua this winter? Here are the best winter activities in Rotorua.

Mountain Biking
Rotorua is a paradise of outdoor activities. It is a good place for everybody to enjoy a variety of activities in a beautiful natural environment. However, because it is our winter season, a mountain bike is more appropriate than water sports like rafting. There are many mountain bike tracks in the Rotorua region. Among those, Waipa Mountain Bike Park is one of the best mountain bike parks in Rotorua. It has a good course for everybody to enjoy bike riding regardless of levels. While you are riding a bike, the cold winter feeling will disappear and will leave you feeling refreshed.

Hot Pools
Hot pools are a highlight for winter travellers. Especially, after enjoying outdoor activities, hot pools are a wonderful combination that can relieve your body of fatigue and stress. Because of the geothermal zones, Rotorua has a lot of well-developed hot pools. The Polynesian Spa is located in the city and Hell’s Gate is well-known for its Mud Spa.

3D Trick Art Gallery
New Zealand's winter is rainy and cold. If it suddenly starts raining during your trip to Rotorua, visit the 3D Trick Art Gallery. The 3D Trick Art Gallery is New Zealand's first and only trick art gallery. Over 50 life-size artworks are displayed around 1250 square metres of the indoor gallery. It is not a normal art gallery to just look at from a distance. You can jump into the artworks and make your own creative photos using your imagination. It is the best place for all family members to enjoy even on raining days. It is a highly recommended attraction for Rotorua visitors.

Winter travel may give you a narrower selection of activities than other seasons. But if you come to Rotorua, you can leave those worries behind. The above activities will make your winter travel more enjoyable and pleasant.

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