Top 5 educational activities in Rotorua

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Top 5 educational activities in Rotorua

Top 5 educational activities in Rotorua

It is time for many parents to be thinking about making plans for the upcoming school holidays. The main point of making plans is about what activities are helpful for their child’s education. If you are planning to visit Rotorua, I recommend these top five educational activities in Rotorua.
3D Trick Art Gallery
New Zealand's first and only 3D Trick Art Gallery is located in Rotorua. Unlike normal art galleries, you can touch and interact with the artworks. All you have to do is just jump into the paintings and take a picture, then you can be a part of the 3D art. Even if it is the same artwork, your imagination and creativity can create a totally different photo opportunity. Because of that, the 3D Trick Art Gallery is the best educational attraction to improve your children’s imagination and creativity.

In order to improve children's problem-solving skills, you do not need to make them solve difficult mathematics or riddles. Finding the way around a maze can improve problem-solving abilities with fun. “aMAZEme” in Rotorua is perfect for improving problem-solving skills. Walls made out of 1.4 kilometres of winding hedge and pathways can lead you to the centre of the maze. During the activity, you can solve problem while having fun and do some physical exercise.

The Farm Tour
To raise children's empathy, getting close to animals is good. At "The Farm Tour", you get many opportunities to meet, feed and pat various animals during an hour guided farm tour on a tractor and trailer. You can interact with animals like sheep, cattle, goats, and alpacas and learn curious things from the farmer. Especially, through the sheep-dog performance and sheep shearing show, you can experience New Zealand’s traditional farm life.

Canopy Tours
Canopy Tours is an activity that combines extreme sports with educational content. Flying through the forest with ziplines, you can enjoy a 3-hour experience of the wilderness in a native New Zealand forest. Moreover, you can learn about and be amazed by the conservation story, and the threats to our native New Zealand wildlife.

Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park
To learn more about New Zealand wildlife, “Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park” is a great place to visit. The park is set in a very natural and well-maintained New Zealand bush environment. You can interact with many mammals, birds and fishes. All of the wildlife on display is found either wild or farmed around New Zealand. African lions are the exception. You can learn about the deer hunting history through the deer hunting exhibitions on the tree walk path. It is a bonus that you can drink directly from the spring water pouring out from paradise valley springs.

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