Don’t miss out on the Grand opening of Rotorua attraction

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Don’t miss out on the Grand opening of Rotorua attraction

Don't miss out on the Grand opening of Rotorua attraction, 3D Trick Art Gallery

It will Fun, New, and Amazing experience

Here we, 3D Trick Art Gallery, have an official announcement about the Grand Opening of Rotorua new attraction in Rotorua the hot spot of New Zealand Tourism on 15 April 2017.
Don’t miss out our very special opening deal on admission. Hurry. It is limited time only.
We have made very first attempt on the 3D Trick Arts with unique New Zealand theme. Throughout the 1250 square metre indoor space, more than 50 trick artworks are displayed in 5 themes.

3D Trick Art Gallery offers you a chance to enjoy the unique and special moment of being a part of the art, Kiwi, All Blacks and New Zealand Grand Nature. Visit us and take great memory from Rotorua Trip
Many tourists have ever been disappointed with a poor quality attraction that does not worth for money.
But 5 themes featuring New Zealand Life and extra of 3D Trick Art Gallery will never get tourists bored.
This is why over 50 pieces of life-size and hyper-realistic murals will stimulate the imagination and creativity.

3D Trick Art Gallery is the right place for free from weather and time.
Tourists don't need to concern the bad weather and tricky time schedule anymore. 3D Trick Art Gallery is an indoor gallery with a wide range of magical trick artworks.
In addition to that, it open until 10 pm, tourists can be flexible with the travel schedule.

These are the reason that everybody must not miss the chance to visit Rotorua new attraction.

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