Become The Hero In Your Own Adventure

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Become The Hero In Your Own Adventure

The way to enjoy 3D Trick Art in Rotorua, New Zealand

Become The Hero In Your Own Adventure!

It was Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, who said that art had a very important role in life, which is to bring pleasure through the catharsis of emotion. And what is catharsis? It is simply the healing of the soul by feeling emotions created by art!

That’s why we love movies! We love to sit through a movie and feel the emotions that movies create in us. But wait, movies have props, they have scripts, and they have actors and actresses, and they are not us! If we need real catharsis, if we want to feel as if we were truly the main characters of a film, we need to put ourselves into their roles.

We need to go to Hollywood and knock on the door of a movie director and beg to be given a role in his next movie. We need to talk to our favourite author. We need to … wait, that sounds too difficult! Why don’t we just visit the newest attraction in town
Hello! Introducing the new, must-visit 3D TRICK ART GALLERY. In just a day, you become a hero of your own adventure many times over!

Imagine you, the protagonist of every story in 3D Trick Art Gallery, travelling through time and space, looking and acting the hero or heroine, feeling their emotions like love, laughter, or grief.
Imagine how it feels to be lost in the middle of a frightening forest or stranded in the middle of the sea.
Imagine how it would feel or how you would look as an ‘All Black” World Rugby Champion!
Imagine being a fearless giant of the jungle fighting furious animals.
Imagine being a superhero who saves people as easily as eating a donut.

At 3D Trick Art Gallery, we fire up your imagination, your sense of risk and adventure!
Make your own stories by going through the trick art paintings. You can also develop a storyline to include your companions. You do not need to travel all around world to capture the best scenes; you can find them right here at 3D Trick Art Gallery.

You can create your own short film using your scene photos at the 3D Trick Art Gallery. And of course, you are the main character in every story.

Enjoy Rotorua's new recommended tourist attraction, 3D Trick Art Gallery!

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