4 unique things to do in Rotorua during school holidays

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4 unique things to do in Rotorua during school holidays

4 unique things to do in Rotorua during school holidays

Rotorua is one of the popular tourist destinations in New Zealand. There are many attractions and activities that everyone can enjoy in all seasons. Some of these attractions are unique and make Rotorua more attractive. Here are four unique things to do in Rotorua that makes Rotorua more special. If you are visiting Rotorua these holidays, the below attractions are recommendable places to stop by.
3D Trick Art Gallery

3D Trick Art Gallery is the first and only 3D Trick Art Gallery in New Zealand. It means that you can experience the 3D Trick art in Rotorua only. It is not an ordinary art gallery. You can interact with the artwork and jump into the paintings to make your own masterpieces. The gallery has more than fifty life-sized 3D paintings, all artworks can be recreated by your imagination. 3D Trick Art Gallery is a highly recommended place to improve your children’s creativity.

Whakarewarewa living Maori Village

Maori culture is well preserved in Rotorua so there are many attractions to experience the Maori culture. Among those, Whakarewarewa is a unique attraction. It’s because it is a living Maori village that Maori people still live in a traditional lifestyle. It is a special place where you can directly experience the Maori culture in a real village and see the lifestyle using geothermal energy for cooking, bathing and etc.


Canopytours is a unique activity that allows people to experience both the nature of New Zealand and extreme sports at the same time. With the educational explanation about the nature and wildlife of New Zealand, you can enjoy zipline crossing the native New Zealand forests.

Kerosene Creek

Rotorua is a famous geothermal region that has a popular hot-spa pool. Overlooking the lake, you can relax in a hot spring. You can try a mud bath also. Kerosene Creek is located between Rotorua and Taupo. It is one of the best places for you to experience Rotorua’s natural hot pools. Best of all, it is free.

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