What to do in Rotorua during the school holidays

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What to do in Rotorua during the school holidays

What to do in Rotorua during the school holidays

The school holidays are coming. The most interesting point for parents is what kind of activity would be good for their children. Most of them are looking for activities that will help their children grow and develop. Let's see what there is to do in Rotorua during the school holidays and what activities can be educational for the children.
Releasing energy doing dynamic physical activities

Some of the recommended activities are extreme sports such as rafting, bungy-jumping and mountain-biking. Our children do not have the chance to do extreme physical movement during the school term. Releasing energy through outdoor activities is good for their health. There are many outdoor activity options. If you would like to ride a mountain bike, visit the Redwood forest. It has many bike courses, from beginners to advance riders everyone can enjoy the course.

Enjoying nature while walking the lakeside tracks

“Lake Okareka” is a small lake located 20 min away from downtown Rotorua. This lake has a good walking path along the lakeside that takes an hour to trek. You can walk alongside the peaceful lake scenery. If you are planning to visit here with your children, you can have a wonderful time sharing a lot of stories or topics with your kids.

Boosting the creativity of your children

One of the important factors in children's intellectual growth is imagination. Creativity is developed from plenty of imagination. Imagination is stimulated through various activities such as bedtime stories by parents, reading books, and so on. A good way to stimulate children's imagination is 3D Trick Art. It is because 3D art makes us get creative. Same artworks can be looked at differently. Rotorua has New Zealand's first and only 3D Trick Art Gallery. More than 50 life-size artworks are enough to stimulate children's imagination.

Relaxing at home or hot spa

Relaxing at home is also one of the good ways to spend your holidays. Getting out of the busy schedule and relaxing will recharge your energy levels. Rotorua has a lot of geothermal hot springs, so you can refresh your body easily. However, if you want to stimulate your children's growth and find helpful activities, I would recommend the above activities.

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