The best Rotorua attractions for the autumn family trip

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The best Rotorua attractions for the autumn family trip

The best Rotorua attractions for the autumn family trip

The hot summer has passed and autumn has arrived. It is a great season to get out and refresh you and your family. If you are visiting mountains or lakes on weekends, you can feel the New Zealand autumn. It is a different charm from summer. Especially, if you are visiting Rotorua, it will be a more enjoyable family trip through the mountains, lakes and various other Rotorua attractions. Here, I’d like to introduce you to Rotorua attractions that are well worth visiting during autumn.

The Redwoods & Whakarewarewa Forest
The Redwoods & Whakarewarewa Forest covers over 5,600 hectares. It is one of the must-visit places in Rotorua. You can feel the fresh air while enjoying varieties of outdoor activities. It is because the forest is a perfect place for horse riding and mountain biking. There are many walking tracks, so you can enjoy the great outdoors while walking with your family. You can enjoy your time with family.

Rotorua lakes and other lakes
Rotorua is well known for its lakes and rivers. It is related to outdoor activities such as Kayaking, fishing and rafting. Walking by the peaceful lake is also a wonderful experience. Relaxing in the lakeside geothermal hot pools is one of the recommended activities in Rotorua. Furthermore, there are other lakes near Rotorua. They are Lake Tikitapu(Blue Lake), Lake Rotokakhi (Green Lake), Lake Okareka and Lake Tarawera. All of them are located within a 20~30min drive from downtown. If you like trekking or having a picnic on a more secluded lake, you may try the above-mentioned lakes.

The Farm Tour
The Farm Tour shows the traditional New Zealand farm itself. During over an hour guided tour on a covered tractor, you can learn about the animals on New Zealand farms and how to deal with the animals. Explanations from professional farmers and interacting with farm animals are educational experiences for children. You can witness the world-class sheepdog show and sheep shearing show the world-class sheepdog show and sheep shearing show (12:30pm on weekends and school holidays only). It is a must-see educational performance.

3D Trick Art Gallery
3D Trick Art Gallery is the first and only 3D Trick Art Gallery in New Zealand. It is located on Fairy Springs Road which is one of the main spots for Rotorua attractions. Over 50 life-sized trick art will stimulate your creativity and imagination. It is an indoor activity, so you do not have to worry about any bad weather. Autumn has good weather most of the time but just in case, 3D Trick Art Gallery is the best solution on any day.

Rotorua is an attractive destination to be able to visit during any season. It offers beautiful nature and various tourist attractions satisfying visitors fully. If you visit Rotorua this autumn, visit one of the above attractions. You will return home with good family memories.

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