How to enjoy the long weekend in Rotorua

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How to enjoy the long weekend in Rotorua

How to enjoy the long weekend in Rotorua

Most of New Zealand's Public Holidays are on Mondays. Thus, you can enjoy 3 days long weekend. It is not long holidays like school holidays or summer vacations, but if you are planning well, you enjoy the long weekend as well. Here are three principles that will make your long weekend more fun.

First, choose a close place as the destination!

Because it is not a long holiday, you should not waste your time on the highway. Staying at home and visiting some places in one day is a good option. However, if you want to go on a trip for a refreshment, three hours distance is good enough. For example, Rotorua and Tauranga are suitable if you are living in Auckland.

Second, enjoy static activities rather than dynamic ones!

As tourism is the main business of New Zealand, most cities are attracting visitors with a variety of activities. However, it might be better to go for less dynamic activities for returning to your normal life easily after the short holidays. If you are planning to do outdoor activities, it is better to go trekking or bike riding rather than extreme sports. It might be worth to visit a museum, a gallery or a hot spring to refresh yourself.

Third, look for a fun activity

Static activity does not mean a boring activity. You can enjoy them if you choose fun activities or your favourite hobbies. If you like to watch movies, you can watch comedy movies, and if you like to read books, pleasant books are a good choice. If you are planning to visit Rotorua this long weekend, 3D Trick Art Gallery is highly recommended as a fun activity.

3D Trick Art Gallery is the first and only trick art gallery in New Zealand. It is an indoor activity that you can enjoy for one hour pleasantly. It is not an ordinary art gallery. You can interact with the artworks actively. These are 2-dimensional paintings, but if you jump into the artworks, they will be changed into 3-dimensional fun and creative artworks. In particular, it is a good material that stimulates children's imagination.

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